Алла Пугачева произвела фурор в столице Diva took a walk through the Gum and the surrounding area, along with the pleasure of posing for random passers-by. Many came in the delight of meeting with the darling of millions.

      Алла Пугачева произвела фурор в столице

      Alla Pugacheva created a furor in the capital, the Diva walked around the centre of Moscow and with pleasure pose bystanders. The chance to meet a celebrity in a public place is extremely small, if there at that time does not pass any social event. But sometimes the stars descend from heaven to earth, to mingle with fans and take some memorable selfies. Did Sunday Alla Pugacheva – Primadonna visited one of the leading fashion stores of Moscow, and after walked around the centre of the capital. Admiring passers-by just could not believe my eyes: she Alla makes shopping in Gum! But after they asked the actress to be photographed with them in memory, because the possibility of them seemed really unique.

      It is worth noting that the appearance of people’s artist was spring-bright and Flirty. In anticipation of the warming Alla chose to walk a short red dress, fashion boots on high wedge heels, light black coat and massive jewellery to give your outfit a bit of seriousness. Completed his sunglasses with round glasses and stylish sleek black hat, an accessory that has become a hallmark of the Divas. At different time Alla Borisovna has appeared at parties and on stage in a variety of hats – with feathers, stones, embroidery, veil, artificial flowers. Every time they were in the opening image of the actress. So it seems that during his last public appearance Pugacheva wanted to be simple and simultaneously very elegant, not overload their appearance with unnecessary decor.

      Guests and residents of the capital came to a complete delight from the style and appearance of the Divas. “Fashion Alla Borisovna”, “Looks unreal!”, “Just ‘ Oh’, I even have the gift of speech is gone, our beauty”, “Stunning”, “Elegant”, “No”, “She’s pretty”, expressed the users of the “Instagram” their emotions from the meeting with the idol of several generations. And those who failed to see Pugachev, do not remain indifferent. “Lucky you!”, “If I had met Pugachev, would have fallen into a swoon”, “Envy!”, “May God grant her health,” “looks Cool”, “Wow” they wrote.

      We will remind, recently the 66-year-old Alla Pugacheva greeted the spring festivals in his home. On the first Sunday of March she visited friends and relatives with bouquets of Mimosa. The artist believes that only these plants can lift the mood and celebrate the Day yellow flowers for many years. This year, together with Alla Borisovnoj the beginning of a new time, noted her husband Maxim Galkin and their friends and colleagues – Alexander Buinov, Jasmine, Andrey Makarevich, Viktor Erofeev, Baigali Serkebaev, Alina Redel and many others.

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