Алла Пугачева пожаловалась на состояние здоровья The diva apologized for the fact that he refused to communicate with journalists. Alla Pugacheva preparing for her performance in Baku at the festival of Heat. After the rehearsal she did not comment, but decided to keep the voice in order to please fans of great creative evening.

In Baku with a special scale, a festival of “Heat” in Baku. Tonight will be a creative evening of Alla Pugacheva. To see the legendary singer on stage, which is located right on the shore of the Caspian sea, will several thousand spectators. Day Alla “tested” area. She’s a brilliant rehearsed speech. But then quickly got into the car of a representation class and did not communicate with journalists. The artist explained that not feeling very well.

“Hurt much, I’m sorry,” said the Diva, come down from the stage.

However, few people could assume that the famous singer is not feeling well – she looked very fresh and fit. No it was a loose black blouse and white cropped pants. Diva dirt, the sound of her voice on different parts of the site to give fans a great show of high quality. Unmatched Pugacheva sang songs in rehearsal, and apparently decided to keep the voice in order to Shine at the festival of Heat.

Today the stars of domestic show business will perform songs of Alla. The concert of Valery Meladze, Dima Bilan, Lyme Vajkule, Christina Orbakajte, the singer Albina dzhanabaeva, Alexander Panayotov, and many others.

Alla Borisovna has arrived in Azerbaijan the day before. Many people know that for years she has refused to fly the plane and moved only by road. However, one of the organizers of the event, Emin Agalarov managed to persuade the legendary singer to make the flight to Baku. He asked the Diva to support the festival “Heat”, which this year has become even more widespread. Alla Pugacheva lost years of phobia for the sake of meeting the fans

“A few months ago came to the castle and played with the children and then invited Alla in Baku, – said Emin. – At first to my suggestion Alla are not treated very seriously. And then when I sat down at the table, blurted out: “Alla Borisovna, save! Do not let fall in a thorny Bush”.

Together with Pugacheva on a private plane arrived in Azerbaijan Maxim Galkin and Phillip Kirkorov.