Алла Пугачева выходит из тени
Alla post photos on social media and gives interviews. What happened with the singer before the 70-year anniversary?

Алла Пугачева выходит из тени

Alla Pugacheva


There was a time we knew “every crack” in the face of Alla, so close was the attention of the press. But in recent years, Pugacheva has gone to the shadow of her young husband, doesn’t use social media and do not often appear in public. Although interest in the personal life of the singer has not waned, in fact she is still able to surprise fans.

One of the rare phenomena of the star couple of people happened during the presidential elections in March of this year. Video from a polling station in Zvenigorod awakened not only the singer’s fans but also haters. The reason for the rudeness and nasty comments became everything: from clothes for the young 69-year-old Alla Pugacheva and her sunglasses, to gait and facial expressions.

Then there was a small sensation: Alla for the first time personally responded to the haters very candid post: “People are good. I’m getting old and quite sharply. The body fails. I find it hard to breathe, hard to walk, but I’m still alive and must live for the sake of young children. Wish you happiness and long life. Not star longer no soul, no body. Send your venom and anger to fight the challenges in life more important than my ageing and infirmity. I’m still in the last days of his life will think about children and about you, their applause made my life rich and beautiful. Nothing more I will not comment. Hear me now and understand at one time. Live more”.

Алла Пугачева выходит из тени

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Instagram

Since AB apparently impressed with the level of hate on the Internet did not appear. “Connected” was only her husband Maxim Galkin, who leads a fairly active blog on Instagram. Of course, he tried to satisfy the curiosity of subscribers, but until recently, his attempts to capture the wife met with active resistance on her part. “I have “nasnimal” in my life!”, — Pugacheva responded to the requests.

But what woman doesn’t want to know what people think about her appearance strangers? Suddenly the blog Galkina appeared the message: “Max got me so I appeared in Instagram, here took his phone, took off and put. Pugacheva”. In fact, in the video featured only foot Alla clothed in Slippers. The main hero of the “clip” became Maxim Galkin… without pants! Wife caught her husband at the door — he was just going to swim in the pool. (The family was on vacation in Jurmala.)

Having received a solid dose of “likes” for stopping short, still Pugacheva Galkin allowed to publish their portrait online. However, the photo was seen clear traces of retouching. That triggered an immediate response from subscribers is: “Why so much photoshop? The woman is beautiful at any age. No need to be ashamed…”, “some Kind of doll. The horror.” After some time in the microblog Galkina appeared again the wife. This time not processed. “That’s just what the stotal Allusa. Glamorous without filters, photoshop all diabolical, and the like. Checked up antiquated method of photography: the face and the lens. Here’s a Pugacheva I love and see every day, with freckles from the sun in my eyes” — signed picture Maxim.

Max I got to be on Instagram, here took his phone, took off and put. Pugacheva

A post shared by Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru) on Jun 6, 2018 at 7:47 am PDT

Photos, as expected, has caused mixed feelings among followers. Some call the act the Maxim of “very romantic”, and others think he “screwed over” Pugacheva, posting bad photos. Someone thinks that the Diva “lost face”, and there are those who call her “unearthly beauty”.

Further – more. July 19 on the youtube channel of Oleg Menshikov published an interview with the band recorded in may. I wonder what their meeting was held on the stage of the Theater. Yermolova in the presence of 80 people bought fairly expensive tickets (from 7 to 20 thousand rubles.).

Алла Пугачева выходит из тени

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Social networks

From this candid and informative conversation, the audience learned that the castle in which the family lives Galkin and Pugacheva “not so great” and that the design of the house, Alla Borisovna didn’t like, but gradually she got used to it. “When max was doing here, “Disneyland”, I was against it. Gorgoli, that’s all. “Masicka, they will have to keep,” he told me. Then I found this fanciful wrought-iron fence. “Like you?” asks. I’m talking like General here buried. So, tastes differ”. Once it became clear that spouses sleep in separate bedrooms, and that AB not used to being in the pay of her husband and she hate it. But the most poignant piece about the history of the relationship with Maxim. Pugachev said that the decision of marriage was really hard for her. “When max tried to convince me to marry him, I said, “I can grow old with you?” You should have seen these eyes are serious… They are so crazy… And then he just said, “of Course. Do not fear.” And all… and I live this life”. Pugacheva admitted that at first could not believe his luck: “my Husband doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, loyal, talented, humorous, beautiful, Thrifty… Look, I think, how so lucky? As it was necessary to try all and to finally be so lucky.”

If we saw a real hypnotherapy? Apparently – Yes. She talks about family, about age, about what life was wearing some kind of mask and images to hide the fear of being on stage in front of a large number of people. And in fact, was a shy girl introvertly. “Yes, I wanted to spit on those who hate me. Importantly, the stents my not fall out, my legs go. When you get older, you start to measure life not by years and days, there is a desire to appreciate every moment. And rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. You can’t be offended. All of these people will still be 70 years. If you will live. And they’ll understand”.

Yes, we definitely quite different Alla Pugacheva: wise, patient, all understanding. And she doesn’t need to rush anywhere, she found her home, her man, their children.

The only question remaining is: who benefits, AB appeared more often in social networks? Pugacheva gave the answer in an interview Menshikov: it is unusual and unpleasant to live on the husband. Maxim Galkin in Instagram a photo of him gaining an average of about 200 thousand likes. Photos of them together, and even better — family video — tens of millions. And this is a serious audience and a lot of money.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @Instagram alla_orfey Alla Pugacheva