Светлана Иванова сделала долгожданное заявление
The actress announced the resumption of filming the new season of “pregnancy Test”.

Photo: Instagram

The series “pregnancy Test” came to TV screens in 2014. The story of Dr. Natalia Bakhmetieva her colleagues, enemies, and patients, was loved by the audience that the ratings of the project was simply overwhelming. It is not surprising that after some time it was decided to shoot a sequel, especially because the final point in the plot was not delivered.

Filming of the second season began two years ago, but, as often happens in the movies, just the series was not. Fans of “soap” were extremely disappointed for all these years continued to “bomb” the questions the creators of the series.

Actress bakhmetieva the actress Svetlana Ivanova was even angry. “Friends, the project is not shot, the release date of the second season of the unknown, she tried to explain to their subscribers. — It happens in the movies. Artists want to continue no less than the audience, believe me! And we don’t tell you nothing because we “pity”, “hard”, “do not care” or we “tortured answer” (it’s all quotes from comments of my subscribers), and because I can’t tell you any more than I wrote now. We hope for your understanding! Always yours… not only Bakhmetyev, but sometimes just Light Ivanov.”

Recently, the actress joked that will come a “pregnancy Test” myself when accumulate money. So fans of the project it became clear the reason for the stalled work on the project.

Recently Ivanov came out of his short maternity leave. The actress began filming two months after the birth of her second child. Now Svetlana is working on a film “Chesnochnitsy-2” together with Irina Rozanova. But as it turned out, in Saint Petersburg the actress was expecting another long-awaited project — dosemki of the series “pregnancy Test”. The actress herself announced the resumption of work on the project, but to answer questions about the show flatly refused.

“Not again and again… tells me. — When shooting, do not know. When you do, you don’t know. Who’ll be Natasha, do not know. Don’t know anything”.