Алла Пугачева позволила себе смелое селфи Fans of the actress every time, looking forward to updates in her microblog. The Diva looked at the picture of the “first Time” and shared a bold frame on the personal page.

      After the pop star Alla Pugacheva created on the popular social networking site, thousands of people follow the updates on her microblog. On the personal page Diva shares pictures with the heirs, congratulated friends and colleagues on the birthday, and also talks about his impressions of new films or television programs.

      Fans often ask a celebrity to share your portrait photos, however, Pugacheva is not kind to followers of this kind of images. A few hours ago, the star surprised followers with a new selfie. In the shot you can see the spectacular celebrity make-up: eyeliner and painted with pearlescent peach lipstick. In the caption to the picture Alla gave advice to fans of the movies.

      “We must all watch “first Time,” wrote Joe.

      The premiere of the space drama took place in one of Russian cinema a few days ago. Tape directed by Dmitry Kiselyov, Konstantin Khabensky and Yevgeny Mironov in the lead roles, impressed the many celebrities who have managed to see it on the big screen. Khabensky, Kirkorov and Petrenko praised the movie “first Time”

      Users of the social network began to actively discuss the image of the Diva in a new photo. Most commentators praised her youthful appearance.

      “You look amazing”, “Magnificent”, “Gorgeous”, “What eyes! Good and wise”, “You are a very beautiful woman and I want to see you happy,” – wrote fans Pugacheva. However, there were those who called the artist tired. Primadonna personally react to such criticism.

      “But without photoshop. For my 68 come down,” said Joe.

      Many colleagues Diva noted that with age, she began to look even better. According to friends of the artist, taking care of children, twins Lisa and Harry, helping her to always remain cheerful and happy. As she says Pugacheva, it sometimes affects the abilities and interests of the heirs. Her daughter loves to dress up. “She’s a fashionista. Always chooses herself that will wear, and how it will look. Even more to say, she tells me what to wear and what jewelry to choose,” admitted Alla.