Rzayev spoke about Porechenkova after the scandal with the “Battle of psychics”

Рзаев высказался о Пореченкове после скандала с «Битвой экстрасенсов» Finalist of the sixth season of the show supported the actor. Ziraddin Rzayev gave his opinion about what’s going on the set of the popular program. He decided to tell what he thinks about the words of Mikhail Porechenkov.

      Рзаев высказался о Пореченкове после скандала с «Битвой экстрасенсов»

      Actor Mikhail Porechenkov was leading the popular program “the Battle of psychics” from the first to the seventh season. He said on the air one radio station that the transfer is not so plausible as it sounds viewers. This statement provoked a wave of indignation among the participants of the show. Many began to accuse the former lead and reason why the man said so. Mikhail Porechenkov provoked a scandal with a statement about “the Battle of psychics”

      However, the finalist of the sixth season of “Battle of psychics” Ziraddin Rzayev decided to support Mikhail Porechenkov. The man involved is when the actor hosted a popular show. The psychic said that sometimes the program come to those who are only impersonating people with supernatural powers.

      “Follow the right and decent man. He, like other normal people, and see what happens on “the Battle of psychics.” He asked questions, and he couldn’t lie or be silent. So as I thought, and said. With his opinion, I partially agree. I myself, as a psychologist, and a psychic, sometimes casually looking through the screen and see how “psychics” played a role,” – said Rzayev “StarHit”.

      The man did not mention exactly who it is alarming. However, Ziraddin believes that supernatural powers can manifest themselves in predicting the future. In his opinion, this may be an indicator of gift.

      “Personally, I think that psychic should predict the future. If they can’t do it, so they are not psychics. Vanga, Nostradamus, Edgar Casey and the rest were error free and so we believed. In our times, such people almost does not exist,” – said Rzayev.

      The man admitted that he too often questions are asked as to whether what is happening in the program, however. Ziraddin believes that we must always look at the results of the words of psychics. “Battle of psychics” 10 years: as show breaks the participants ‘ lives

      “I am very familiar with Michael Porechenkova. He is a very good actor, a good person. He did not deny that psychics do not exist, – said Rzayev. – And about “the battle of psychics,” he expressed his opinion”.