Алия Мустафина развелась с супругом
Recently, a famous gymnast Aliya Mustafina shocked his followers, telling about her divorce.

Алия Мустафина развелась с супругом

It turned out that aliyah a month ago, divorced with a bobsledder, member of the national team Alexei Zaitsev. Mustafina decided to officially inform to stop the spread of rumors.

Алия Мустафина развелась с супругом

“Dear subscribers, I would love to have all the important information you have received from me personally. So I want to tell you that a month ago I got divorced. So you won’t have any issues and unnecessary speculation, just try to close them. Reasons as such, no, just ex-husband was not my man. Claims we don’t have each other. Love Alice and very grateful to Alex for our daughter. And asked this topic will not raise”, – said the athlete.

Recall that the couple got married in November 2016, and from them grows a nine-month-old daughter.

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