Алиса Вокс ушла из группы «Ленинград»

During the creativity in the group “Leningrad” singer Alisa VOX made, no doubt, contributed to the new sound of the band, and the song “Exhibit a”, which until recently heard of each of the radio ten times a day would not only appear the group on the First national channel, but also became the springboard to his solo career girl.

Алиса Вокс ушла из группы «Ленинград»
Alice, who about four years ago was measured in a group of red-haired beast Yulia Kogan, wrote about his decision in a social network.
“Friends! I decided to leave the group “Leningrad” and start your solo project! I’m very glad that I can share with you all this new stage in my life. Working with Sergei Shnurov gave me a huge experience in stage life, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to develop and improve. Also, I thank all the musicians and people close to the group that were with me and supported me for the last 3.5 years. Wish me luck on this new way, and soon catch you again!” — she turned to the fans.
About the seriousness of VOX says that at the last concert Alice was gone, but instead it was made by just two new soloist.

A friend of Sergey Shnurov has published a photograph on social network sites, signing it with the hashtags “It’s not Alice” and “Give two”.


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