Renata Litvinova has had plastic surgery

Рената Литвинова сделала пластику

Without doubt or hesitation Renata Litvinova can be called a style icon and incredible beauty of Ukrainian show business and cinema world.

The actress and the Director knows his strengths and tries to emphasize their makeup and clothing.

A little to debunk the myth of the naturalness of facial features Litvinova decided plastic surgeon Mr Slosser.

The man suggested that Litvinov resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon who corrected the shape of her nose, and made a circular plastic.

“The impression is that she has done rhinoplasty, non-aggressive manipulation on the face. I think she had excess skin in the eyelid area and assume that she can fix them“, – said the expert appearance of Renata Ukrainian television.

How you think, whether Litvinova decided on the plastic?


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