Alina Lanina admitted that he never painted and did not cut hair

Алина Ланина призналась, что ни разу не красила и не стригла волосы
The star of the series “the Father shore” on the First channel refuses to roles if you want to do a haircut or change the color of at least one strand.

Alina Lanina

Photo: from personal archive Alina Lannoy

Realizing that God gave her beautiful hair unusual
shade, Lanina is doing everything to save them. “I never had no
hair cut or colour. And somehow I was offered the role for which it was necessary
to paint — I refused — said Alina. — I have a unique color,
I’m afraid if I ever put paint on, he’s not coming back. Me and bald offered
to amritsa, but here I was adamant: no.”

Of course, for the sake of a role she has to do
hairstyles, use hair sprays, mousses, hair dryers, and in this case the actress has
a wonderful master. “At his suggestion I did mesotherapy for hair: it is their
strengthens, makes thicker, she said. — And recently we tried again and newfangled
procedure — Botox for hair. This way, not injections, but rather something like
nourishing mask: super-hydrating texture applied to the head and is aged
the right time”. And her master makes natural shampoos and conditioners,
which and is an actress.

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