Алика Смехова потеряла ребенка Daughter of Benjamin Smekhova, despite a successful career, are unable to find happiness in his personal life. The actress was married three times, but the relationship ended in divorce. Second marriage Alik Smehova suffered a misfortune – she lost the baby.
Алика Смехова потеряла ребенка

The daughter of the famous Athos of the legendary “Three Musketeers” was married three times, but to build strong relationships 50-year-old actress failed to either one of the spouses.

First marriage with childhood friend, an aspiring film Director Sergei Rain, lasted six years. Man made Alyx when she was only 17 years old. Waiting for adulthood Smekhova immediately ran to the Registrar, but a desperate desire girls to have a child not included in the plans of her husband – the couple divorced.

Second husband of the actress became a resident of Forbes George Bidjamov. The family of the shareholder, today lost their license, Vneshprombank was against his relationship with the actress, but they got married all the same.

“Everything happened really quickly and ended quickly. I want to speak about their men or good or anything. I’m grateful to them for what they were in my life, from each I learned something. Thanks to this short marriage I have learned one thing: nothing can be expected from men. They are all changing rapidly, it is impossible to demand from them more than they can give you. I did not take his family. He was an Assyrian by nationality. His mother said: “You’re not black and white”, – said Alik.
Алика Смехова потеряла ребенка

The businessman generously beloved wife with gifts, but, as admits itself Alik cheat on her. Despite the presence of mistresses, she decided to have a baby from her husband. But family conflicts led to the terrible tragedy of the baby she lost.

According to Laughter, tragedy destroyed her dream of a happy marriage, and she filed for divorce.

“During pregnancy, we had a very complicated situation, and from the insane experiences I lost the baby. It became for me a push, I realized that I won’t be with that person. I told him: “If this baby stay, I’ll stay with you, and if not – we parted”, – said the actress.

After the divorce case Begimova began to deteriorate in December 2015 he was accused of fraud. The oligarch fled to Monaco, where several months later he was arrested at the request of the Prosecutor General’s office and subsequently released on bail.

Alik found brief happiness in marriage to businessman Nikolaev, who was the father of her son Artyom.

“We had a wonderful family, yeah, I had a lot of responsibility. If I didn’t want it, I can say for sure: never married and no kids. I am grateful to Nicholas,” said Smekhova.

But the happiness did not last long – the husband learned that Alec is cheating on him.

“For me, I confess, is sinful. Well, can I fall in love. I am a sinner, and his passions. This man I liked his crazy activity, impulse. Feminine succumbed to this onslaught. With my love everything was very instantly. I left home and came back, and my heart was Makar, my second son” – shared Smekhova.

The name of her lover Alec hides still. From the hospital she was met only known father Veniamin Borisovich Smekhov, the eldest son Artem and nephews.