Анне Седоковой придется платить баснословные алименты Lawyers for the stars to find out the issue with Maxim Cherniavsky. Anna Sedokova is attempting to get permission to see Monica, but her ex-wife worried that her mother will abduct the daughter.
Анне Седоковой придется платить баснословные алименты

Anna Sedokova plans to continue the trial with the family of the former husband Maxim Chernyavskiy. The ex-spouse of a star does not give her to see their daughter Monica. The girl lives with dad in the United States. Anna could see the child only in the presence of the superintendent and with prior permission. In addition, both mum and dad have no right to take out Monica outside of California. Lawyers are afraid that the artist will kidnap the child.

Lawyers Sedokova have a different point of view. They think that Cherniavsky doing everything in order to prevent encounters with star child.

“We are very disappointed with the constant actions of your client in relation to Monica, as if she was his “property” and not a little girl who has a right to see mother,” said the lawyer Sedokova limit her visits with the girl.

It is known that the child support is calculated based on the amount, which Anna receives for his work. According to the documents, the lawyer Cherniavsky assures that after Cherniavsky will become the guardian of Monica’s, it will require from the star sums “based on the significant income of Anna from her very successful career in the entertainment industry”.

Apparently, a significant role in this conflict plays the grandmother of Monica, Marina. Answering the question Super.ru the woman let a sharp remark. “The question is, where did you read that Maxim requires alimony? If you have no translator, writing heresy should be ashamed,” – said Chernyavskaya.

The girl’s grandmother thinks that Anne is to blame for the current situation. She doesn’t approve of the behavior of the artist and her way of life. “If Anna agreed and signed a settlement agreement, it would not be “guards”, but it is not signed. And Mona have two weeks of vacation. In Cyprus I rented a house by the sea, came the friends of Mona’s, but the “wonderful mother” resting on the Cote d’azur and exposes tearful posts, giving false interview. Tell me, how to respect it?” – Marina wrote on Instagram.