Alika Smekhova delighted by release in the “naked” dress

Алика Смехова восхитила выходом в свет в "голом" платье
Famous actress Alika Smekhova often pleases its subscribers with new images of everyday life.

Алика Смехова восхитила выходом в свет в "голом" платье

Some time ago, the 49-year-old Alika reported that she decided to learn to stand on the windsurf Board, and recently won the admiration of all by their appearance at a social event.

“I love my job and its different directions! Today I am the hostess of the anniversary of the company “Gazprom space systems””, signed photograph of the star.

Alika chose to release transparent dress that sat perfectly on her figure, everyone’s attention was directed at her.

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