Alice Grebenshchikova surprised extreme haircut

Алиса Гребенщикова удивила экстремальной стрижкой The actress decided to change my image. Now she is no longer the owner of long curls. Recently Grebenshchikov delights fans with a dramatic, asymmetrical Bob. It is likely that at this step the actress made a sudden trip to the Dead sea, where the actress completely forgot about the problems.

      38-year-old actress Alisa Grebenshchikova has long fascinated fans of long hair red color. They found her hair feminine and very beautiful. However, recently the actress decided to drastically change their appearance – Grebenshchikov said goodbye to the curls.

      Now the artist – winner the asymmetrical Bob. Hair color woman did not change, it still pleases fans of hair a bright red color. In the opinion of the subscribers Grebenschikova, new haircut on her. “Great,” “How cool!”, “Periodically need to be updated to change”, “You will go,” – expressed his opinion the followers of a celebrity.

      “I broke up with the past. Olya cut all unnecessary information,” – said Alisa Grebenshchikova on Instagram.

      We note that recently the artist has returned from her vacation which she spent at the Dead sea. It is possible that the change of the image of a woman inspired by holidays abroad. To travel Alice made her famous dad, musician Boris Grebenshikov. According to the actress, he almost pushed her to relax, or buy tickets without further ADO.

      However, in his microblog Alice admitted that he never regretted the trip. “I almost did not respond to letters and phone calls, only emergency, not talking to people. Almost all time took place in bathing suits and robe, almost never wearing dresses. Of course, never even close to the face don’t bring makeup, combed their hair in a pigtail. I ate whatever I wanted. Practiced in aerobics for some set of lessons, mostly from her ballet class, but in the pool. And every day he thanked his wise dad” – shared Grebenshchikov in Instagram.

      Company star has made her the heir Alexei. Alice complained that the child did not appreciate all the delights of the Dead sea. “The most important for him to splash that is. Although Alex laughed when the water overturned it,” said Grebenshchikov. She also told followers about what he did with his son on vacation. According to the artist, they are basking in the sun and repeated school curriculum, read in Russian and English and watched cartoons. “We hardly ever spoke to each other. It is very interesting to see how growing up, my boy,” said the actress.