Алиана Устиненко и Александр Гобозов рассказали о жизни после развода The former couple have remained friends, despite a difficult relationship. Alexander Gobozov and Aliana Ustinenko continue to communicate and together are raising a young Robert. They noted that the baby does not feel deprived of love of someone of the parents.

For several years fans Aliani Ustinenko and Alexander Gobozov follow the development of their relationship. While participating in the TV project “Dom-2” young people then converged, then parted. But after they left the telestroke, the passion did not abate: the lovers and then went home. Realizing that they still can’t be together, the former spouses divorced. However, they found the wisdom to remain friends and not to deprive the son of the ability to communicate with both parents.

“Of course, Robert, we are always United. Even when we had difficult moments in life, and we fought, and we saw the baby and wanted us to reconcile, to reunite. This is a continuation of our family, our son. Children is happiness, and wonder. Despite the fact that we now not together, we’re still friends,” said Aliana.

As it turned out, Alexander espouses the same point of view. The man still can’t name the exact reasons of parting with the brunette, but realizes that to restore the marriage once again will fail. He stressed that already made numerous attempts to keep the family together, but nothing came of it. Also broadcast the reality show “Dom-2” Gobozov said that he went to reconcile with Allianoi.

“Maybe we are incompatible personalities or we have a different understanding. We better be friends. I got married three times and all the time the same. We tried, honestly,” commented parting with his wife Alexander.

Alexander Gobozov about divorcing Allianoi: “I left her business and a car”

Recall that some time ago in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Gobozov admitted he could not establish contact with his ex-fiancee. According to the man, Ustinenko he wrote unflattering things, was rude, and did not allow him to meet the son. Alexander was told that his son more time likes to spend with him and not with her.

“He otbrykivatsya to live with my mom. When I told him: “You go to my mother”, he starts a tantrum. If I gave Robert to her, I have to hide, to turn everything into a game. “Where is dad, let me go to him,” shouts the son. Sometimes she hides it from me,” – said Gobozov.