Denis Matsuev learning to cook for my daughter

Денис Мацуев учится готовить ради дочери The pianist loves Siberian cuisine and considers it one of the most delicious. Denis Matsuev confessed that he does not consider himself a good cook, but happy to learn the recipes of your favorite dishes for a one-year-old heiress Ani.
Денис Мацуев учится готовить ради дочери

In the program, Ivan Urgant “Relish” involved a variety of celebrity guests. This eliminates the Studio came pianist Denis Matsuev to share ways of cooking delicacies of Siberian cuisine. Celebrity decided to make as simple and understandable to every spectator meals. It turned out that main dish and a dessert preferred by the artist, associate it with family edges.

Денис Мацуев учится готовить ради дочери “We’re going back to my childhood: lake Baikal, is a bath on the shore of lake Baikal and, of course, pasta with Buryat stew. I’m sure you did not eat! And the second dish is Siberian Shanga. Apple pie with cinnamon, or with blueberry or cherry. But today we are going to do with cranberries. The most important thing in this dish – all right to lay,” – said Denis.

After preparation of culinary delights Matsuyev thanked the stars, saying many kind words and wishes to the other. He also noted that he does not consider himself a good cook, but after participating in this program is sure his year-old heiress is always full. The presenter did not stay aside and admitted that he appreciates and loves the creativity of Dennis. He wished the family of the artist – mother, wife and the baby happiness and health.

“Ivan I want to thank you because I never knew how to cook. I’ve been to you three times and now I can say that my daughter Anna Denisovna will never be hungry. Thank you for help, for advice, for easy cooking my masterpieces – I can’t say. And anyway you’re a good man, talented, there is something in you man,” said the pianist.

Recall that Matsuev wife, ballerina Ekaterina Shipulina, gave birth to heir around October 2016. However, the couple has long remained silent and did not share with the public the good news. Only after a while Dennis admitted in one interview that little Anya from an early age learned to distinguish some pieces of music and generally has a special interest to many of the songs. Celebrity does not hide: he tries to instill in the child a taste for good music and educating the ear.