Alexey Vorobyov is flirting with a famous TV presenter

Алексей Воробьев флиртует с известной телеведущей Fans of the actor, Director and musician think he looks fine with old friend Veronika Romanova, which once starred in the TV series “Dreams of Alice”. The reason for the discussions was the footage taken backstage music awards.
Алексей Воробьев флиртует с известной телеведущей

Recently, actor, musician and Director Alexey Vorobiev was among the participants of the TV channel Music Box. Leading the red carpet of the major event was the 28-year-old Veronika Romanova, a longtime friend of the artist. Once she had played with Alex in the youth series “Dreams of Alice”.

The footage, which appeared in the section “Stories” “Instagram” Veronica, she’s posing together with the known performer. Alex has signs of attention leading and carefully feeds her with a fork. Users of social networks found that Romanov and sparrows look great together. According to them, young people would make a great couple.

Алексей Воробьев флиртует с известной телеведущей

Followers of Alex immediately started a discussion about, if he could have an affair with a charming brunette. The young man chose to refrain from making any comments about it. Veronica also has not responded to the speculation of the public. Instead, she thanked her colleagues for a wonderful evening.

“It was an amazing space show! The Music Of The Universe! Countless stars,” said Romanov on his page in Instagram.

Earlier Alexey Vorobyov repeatedly attributed novels with many well-known girls. So, this spring, the contractor was caught on vacation in Dubai in the company of a curvaceous brunette in which social media users will recognize the model and blogger Kira Mayer. The pair was behaving rather boldly and carelessly – Alex giving a girl a massage and provided other favors. Fans Vorobyov found, he looks happy with Mayer.

Alexei Vorobyov openly flirting with half-naked brunette. PHOTO

One time, some social media users even suspected that a famous artist has an eye television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova. Fans celebrities have suggested that they are not only passionate about each other, but think about working together. Later, however, Alex refuted such rumors. He made it clear he does not feel feelings to Olga Buzova.

“Friends, I heard about this news and I must say that nothing of the sort in their personal and especially professional life I don’t outline… one Hundred percent”, – said the sparrows in interview to the program “Russian Peppers”.

On the question of whether it is rewritten with Olga, Alexey chose not to answer directly. The actor made it clear he was not going to discuss this topic. “We know,” – said Vorobyov, without going into details.