Алексей Чумаков о дочери: «Она — точная копия моей умершей мамы» Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk has shared details about the birth and education of her daughter Amelia, which in October will be a year. Celebrity couple admits that the baby is their main joy and inspiration.
Алексей Чумаков о дочери: «Она — точная копия моей умершей мамы»

12 Oct 2017 Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk became parents for the first time. Despite the fact that since the birth of her daughter Amelia it’s been almost a year, the star couple prefers not to publish photos of the baby.

The only thing that artists may please curious fans is a rare details about the life of girls. So, in the program “the Destiny of man” Alex admitted that Amelia is incredibly similar to his mother, who died a few years ago from cirrhosis.

“Amelia is an exact copy of my mother. I’m a Christian, but firmly believe in the transmigration of souls. I know that my mother after his death was reborn. I want to believe that she was reborn in our Amelia” — shared experiences musician.
Алексей Чумаков о дочери: «Она — точная копия моей умершей мамы»

Remembering the death of her Alex hurt still. According to the singer, the dentist brought his mother hepatitis through dirty tools. Against this background, began to develop cirrhosis, but the family is quite was not aware of the diagnosis. Now Chumakov more than anything wishes she sent a relative to the examination and failed to prevent the tragedy.

When mom started bleeding, the singer, had already managed to move to Moscow, decided to move to the capital and parents. It was a difficult months, when Chumakov every day was afraid to call his father and learn about the new attack.

“The mother was brought to Moscow on a gurney. She could no longer walk by myself, I almost did not recognize. The doctors gave her six months, but it has long struggled. I that period I could not even drink a little brandy, to sit somewhere with friends, because at any moment could start bleeding and I would have to take her to the hospital. Attacks happened several times, but the doctors saved her. After one of the last bouts the doctor called me, said that all her life is not more than three days. In fact, three days later she died.” — hardly constraining emotions said Chumakov.
Алексей Чумаков о дочери: «Она — точная копия моей умершей мамы»

The loss of a loved one made of Alex for a few weeks to sink into depression. His father George G. didn’t see the point in later life. He unashamedly admits that he wished himself dead. Himself Chumakov started to work more, to mother them was truly proud.

After all, Lily Avanesova was a major fan of Alexis. Even back in the 90s she did everything she could to son performed on stage, showed their talents. When Chumakov was famous, her pride knew no bounds. “Remember about a month before her death, I met with Alla Pugacheva. Mother is Dolly parton really loved it, and so I asked Pugachev to call her. Then mom was ecstatic. She thought that once I communicate with the band so close that she could call my family, so I’m already a star” — confessed musician.

Alex is incredibly glad that the mother lives had to meet with his beloved Yulia Kovalchuk. Family Chumakov immediately took the singer, but the artist himself was in no hurry to make a sweetheart offer. Fans of the star couple had six years to wait for the wedding. “I am a person very responsible and organized. I knew as soon as I make Yulia proposal, it will go about children. And we still had to prepare for this mentally and financially,” — said the musician.

Now little Amelia is the main joy of his star father. Alex approached responsibly to the advent of the baby in the light, and even was present at birth.

“You know, children are such a little bundle of our experiences. I care for her, all ready for her to go. I took Amelia saw the whole birthing process and say, this is the most spectacular event that can only be in a man’s life. If the man didn’t see how the birth of his baby, he lost 80, even 90% of the most important emotions in life,” — said Chumakov.

Now Alexey and Yulia are absolutely happy. While the star’s parents don’t want to show my daughter, but fans are sure that sooner or later they will have the opportunity to verify the similarity of Amelia with her grandmother.