Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

Fans of Alexey Chadova, starring in more than forty films, is interesting not only creative, but also personal life of the actor. Before marriage he attributed romantic relationship with young actress Oksana Akinshina and Asalu Sagalovoy, a singer from Ukraine Mika Newton.

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

Alexey Chadov with his ex-wife Agnia

In 2006 on the set of the movie “Heat” Alex met with Lithuanian actress Agnia Ditkovskite. She was only 17 years old and he is 24. This novel degenerated into a civil marriage. But in 2009 Alex with Agnia and I broke up. After some time they met again on the set of multiseries film “a Matter of honor”, and love broke out with renewed vigor.

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

In 2012, the lovers are secretly married, and in 2014 they had a son Fyodor. The media wrote that the couple is very happily married, but a year later the family broke up again.

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

Wedding Alexei Chadova and Agnes Ditkovskite. Photo: 7days

After the announcement of the divorce Agnes rented an apartment and began to live separately, although the official divorce was issued only in 2017.

The former wife of Alexei Chadova. “Star spy”

Agnes was born in Vilnius. When she was 15 years old, the family moved to Moscow. In 2006, she enrolled at the acting Department of VGIK, but six months later left the Institute.

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

Agnes has not received higher education, but thanks to his acting talent and beauty starred in the popular films and building a successful career in film.

Currently, the actress starred in 15 films such as “Heat”, “Death probate”, action series “Ivan Podushkin: Gentleman detective-1”, international project “Viy”, “Boris Godunov” and others.

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

Agniya Ditkovskite in the movie “Heat”

After breaking up with husband Agnes had a brief relationship with singer and composer Roma Kengou, with whom she sang the song and starred in the video for “Airplanes.” Then there were rumors that she had another child from a certain Amir from Uzbekistan. But the actress herself does not confirmed nor denied these rumors.

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

Photo: Agnes with Roma Kengou

In General, Agnia Ditkovskite doesn’t like to keep my private life private, and for that, reporters call it “star spy”.

Son Fyodor and life after divorce

Alex dedicates his time to education of his son. He believes that the child must be intelligent and educated. At four years of age the boy began to learn English and French.

But most importantly, says Alexei Chadov, that the son grew up and became a real man was strong and kind and willing to help the weak and not to be afraid to take responsibility in a difficult situation.

And this is father manage to do despite their very young age, Fyodor enjoys swimming and wrestling, always willing to help dad and grandma in the home. Like dad, he doesn’t like to be lazy in their spare time, they walk together in the woods, pick berries and mushrooms, relax by the fire and ride a bike.

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

On the photo: Chadov with his ex-wife and son

After leaving in 2015, Chadov and Ditkovskite has maintained warm and friendly relations so that the son didn’t know about the divorce.

Despite the fact that social networks sometimes receive information about new novels spouses, actors often work together and have a rest, doing various projects and photo shoots. Take his son with him to shooting at home and abroad and spread to Instagram sharing a photo.

Parents are not against Fedor also became an actor, would have even been happy with that, but will not insist. They trust the son to choose what to do in life.

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

Aleksey Chadov and his ex-wife give a lot of time and effort to the upbringing of his son. They don’t need high-profile scandals, or photos in the Nude for the sake of increasing popularity, because both are true professionals in their field and having strong moral principles.

Alexey Chadov: latest news

		Алексей Чадов, жена и дети

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