Алексей Воробьев рассказал о своей свадьбе
The singer shared her candid confession.

Alexei Vorobiev and Natalia Garaganova

As it became known, Alexey Vorobyov is now quite
could be a married man. It turned out that the singer, during his participation in
show “the Bachelor,” seriously fell in love with one of the participants and even got to play
the wedding beautiful. But things did not go according to plan.

Darling Alexei was Natalia Gorozhanov,
which he had strong feelings. And in that moment when the Russian
the singer was going to make her an offer of marriage, a girl suddenly confessed
what is involved in the show just for the sake of PR. This dialogue, according to him, showed
in the air, but the sparrows remained wounded by Gorohovoj. This turn of events
insanely upset Vorobyov, who was seriously thinking about how to grow old
in company with Natalia.

Recall that the participation of Alex in the show “the Bachelor”
ended in scandal. In the final issue he had not chosen any of
finalists. This is the entire history of the project happened for the first time. By the way, not so
long ago, the singer admitted that he had at the show happened intimate relationship with
some of the participants, but it’s still not affected not his choice. However,
Sparrows tried not to focus on the failure on the love front and
plunged into work. Recently he released the video for the song “Jamaica”,
directed by himself.

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