Алексей Воробьев безжалостно избавляется от воспоминаний о любимой The artist tries to forget about a failed relationship. Alexei Vorobyov two weeks ago found out about the betrayal of the beloved and could not forgive infidelity. Now he plunged into the work, to sad thoughts marred his life.

      Nearly two weeks fans of Alexey Vorobyov sympathize with the artist – he recently admitted that the girl he loved so much, betrayed him. For a musician it was a real blow. Despite the fact that it was hard for him to break up with him, he decided to share this information with your fans. Alexey Vorobyov was accused of betraying the soloist of the popular group

      Now he says goodbye to any memories associated with it. He tries to make it so that nothing brought him to thoughts about the past love. Sparrows have not regretted a musical instrument that was once played by the beloved.

      “You know, this was the last tune someone has played this guitar. And when I passed her to pieces, I was happy because I smashed every bit of memories of you,” wrote the actor on Twitter.

      Many fans hate to see their favorite actor and musician suffers because of the infidelity of the girl. They are trying to support their idol, so he could quickly survived this difficult period in my life. “May God give you a good, decent girl! And who shows his feelings, is a personal matter. Some non-public people no longer put their life and emotions on display than the public!”, “I did not think that such an interesting man can betray. Because the impression of him is only nice. Perfect. Hunky guy. But once this happens, it means that in this relationship there were problems. Painful… But thanks to these personal experiences, the artists born hits! Will wait for a new song”, “Every person who comes into our lives, it’s not just. We have to go through all what was written” – shared his thoughts fans.

      Despite the fact that now Vorobyov hard to rake up the past, yet he tries to tell all that boiling. Some followers do not understand the suffering of a musician, and so you start to criticize him, calling stop complaining. However, Alex believes that he has a right to write in his microblog that he would prefer, especially since such posts for him – a way to vent and to understand the former lover and the pain it left in his soul.

      Vorob’ev himself does not mention the name of the chosen one, but his friends claim that it is – the soloist of group “Dynamite” Diana.