Alexei Vorobyov helped Irina Bezrukova

Алексей Воробьев помог Ирине Безруковой
The singer passed to the next stage of “Dancing with the stars” hot thanks to the support of fans and friends.

Алексей Воробьев помог Ирине Безруковой

Alexey Vorobyov

Photo: @mr.alexsparrow (Instagram Alexey Vorobyov)

Irina Bezrukov and Maksim Petrov

Photo: @bezirina (Instagram Irina Bezrukova)

Irina Bezrukova was
the next round of the project “dancing with the stars” not only because of
great training, long and exhausting training, but also with the support
your friends. In particular, she helped the singer Alexei Vorobyov. The artist has published on his page in a social network post with the request
to help talented young actress and her partner Maksim Petrov to score the necessary
the number of points.

“Friends! — written by Alex. Wonderful Irina Bezrukova urgently need
our help! In these moments the fate of the vapours in the project “Dancing with
the stars”. Let us together will vote for them on the website of the channel Russia1 right
now, because friends should help each other!” Post Vorobyov left
without attention, not surprisingly. Because the page of the singer and actor has
more than one million subscribers.

Voted for Irina not only Russians, but also citizens of other
countries. “Voted from Finland! Proud of myself!” writes one of
podpiski Vorobyov.

The result was not long in coming: Irina scored
enough points in order to continue participation in the show.

By The Way, Bezrukov
not the first time refers to his many friends to continue
to delight viewers. So, in one of the first esters Irina asked me to put
for her word before the strict judges invited to independent arbitrator
Philip Kirkorov.

Then the actress was very worried that they could lose and
asked the singer to plead for her the word friendship. “I promised to save
Irina,” said the actor during the filming of the show. So he did at the end,
giving Irina immunity after the resolution Kirkorov actress couldn
to dismiss from the project the objective of the show.

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