Alexei Vorobyov gave a colleague a passionate kiss

Алексей Воробьев одарил коллегу страстным поцелуем On the set of a new project NTV “Kinosoo” artist put the room together with actress Valerie Kirando. According to witnesses, the young strongly liked each other. In the final speech of sparrows showed his feelings to a young girl.

      Алексей Воробьев одарил коллегу страстным поцелуем

      Recently, NTV launched a project “Kinosoo”, where twelve artists of different ages and roles compete for the title of connoisseur of cinema. Eligible bachelor Alexei Vorobyov was in the team with a hottie Valerie Kirando, known for the films “Battalion” and “pregnancy Test”. In addition to them in the “Incomplete meter” involved Svetlana Kamynina and Oskar Kuchera.

      During a rehearsal of the song “Beam of the sun gold” Alexey Vorobyov in the bright image of the young Troubadour could not tear his eyes from the long-haired Kirando, which perfectly get to play the role of Princess. Behind the scenes the artists spent much time together, constantly looked at each other and smiled. This room was one of the concert performances, in which young people played a beautiful couple from the cartoon “Bremen musicians”. By the way, before they had a chance to do more comic tandem Novoseltseva and Mymra.

      Алексей Воробьев одарил коллегу страстным поцелуем

      In the final Alex kissed Valerie on the stage. Leading “Kinosoo” Maxim Averin has reacted in his characteristic playful manner, inviting the actress to repeat this emotional gesture. Beauty Kirando happily rushed into his arms, while Alex was “irrelevant”: the idea of leading him clearly had no taste.

      Recall that in the life of Alex was a lot of loud novels, but none of them never ended in marriage. However, the artist himself in interviews often talks about how he wants finally to find his soulmate and to plunge into family life. Kirando can only envy, after all, two of the most famous bachelor of the country in the eyes of millions of viewers trying to win her attention, even on stage. Charming blonde and she repeatedly admitted that thinks about marriage and children. Valeria claims to be the best wife for the elect.

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