Алексей Воробьев одевается в секонд-хенде
The singer refused to brand clothing.

Alexei Vorobyov and presenter Masha New

Alexei Vorobyov always looks spick and span and is
only branded clothes. But in clothes from second-hand popular artist
he sees nothing wrong, and I am sure that you can look stylish without spending a
a lot of money. That’s why sparrows and we gladly accepted the challenge “of the world
famous male stylist” New Masha become the first member of a new Internet project
from “the Rambler/live” — “the King of second-hand”. Leading New Masha will make it
to abandon expensive clothes and famous brands and create brand new
the image!

As it turned out, the desire to look original and stand out from
the crowd, not having the funds, forcing Alexei still in adolescence
dress in a thrift store. “I was 17 years old when I came to Moscow from Tula, —
Vorobyov says. — This coat I remember very well — I bought it second-hand, and
the stripes were bought in a special store, and sewed myself. The sleeves I was short,
so I always wrapped”.

By the way, “the King of Second-Hand” is the best cure against star disease
and Russia’s first entertainment show about dressing up men. Heroes
the program will be the most famous representatives of the stronger sex: bloggers, singers,
athletes, artists, musicians, actors. The heroes will have to say goodbye to their expensive clothes, and in return receive two
unique image, but with someone else’s shoulder.

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