Александра Бортич развелась с мужем
The hearing on the divorce was held in the Izmailovo district court of Moscow.

Bortech Alexander and Vyacheslav Vorontsov (Mezza)

Photo: @mezzaazzem/Instagram

Alexandra Bortech divorced her husband Vyacheslav Vorontsov, better known as rapper
Mezza. The hearing was held at noon today in Izmailovo
district court. Marriage stars lasted
about a year and it was a mystery to most fans and acquaintances of the artist. It
not is known about the upcoming divorce, but that she was married.

About novel stars talking
last spring, when Alexander came together with the ex-husband to the presentation
the series “Philology” of the channel TNT, spoke about a new relationship. “I love my
the man and listen to him in everything, — has shared with friends of Alexander.
— Mom had to meet with him, then she changed her negative
attitude. They found a common language, now we are always welcome in the parent

Initially hostile mood mother-in-law to son-in-law was due to the appearance
chosen daughter. Seeing the photo of the shaven-headed man covered with
tattoos, mom Bortech was frankly scared. “The photographs of the mother he
generally not attracted to — with a smile told Bortech. — She was against it, banned
to meet and especially to live together.” Alexander and Vyacheslav met
in the fall of 2016 at one of the social events. Prior to this, the star of “Viking”
met with partner on the film “Elusive” by Ilya Malininym. Then,
to the actress, she first thought about the family and children. The initiator of the break
was a young man. The reason was jealousy malanina. He couldn’t
to accept the fact that in the film “the Viking” Alexander was involved in
candid scenes.