Отец Меган Маркл заявил, что его дочь несчастлива в браке с принцем Гарри!
Thomas will fly to London to personally to understand.

Отец Меган Маркл заявил, что его дочь несчастлива в браке с принцем Гарри!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


The father of the Duchess of Sussex Thomas Markle made a scandalous confession: he said that his daughter Megan is unhappy in
your new role — the wife of Prince Harry.

“I know very well my daughter. Considering it
photos appearing in the media, I understand that it is bad. I can see it in her
eyes. And yet — for her smile. I watched as she smiles the entire life — since
since she was a child. And I really don’t like that smile can
to see on her face now. It’s not just artificial, it is “glued”
smile… This bothers me. I think she looks like that because it is not
withstands the pressure from her new life — the wife of a Prince…” said Thomas in
an interview given to the newspaper The Sun.

As told by Markle, despite the fact that after the wedding, his daughter is not
shows no desire to communicate with him, he is determined to soon fly from Mexico to London to
to understand personally what is going on with Megan really. Thomas said that not
expects the same Royal treatment. “I will book a hotel and
try to enter in contact with her…” he said.

The suspicions of Thomas about the fact that
the members of the Royal family will not be happy with his arrival, does not unfounded. However, Markle did all that to mess with
relationships. This story began before the wedding Megan: first, he
a large amount was agreed to stage a supposedly random shooting paparazzi with
his participation, which according to rumors, the annoyance of Elizabeth. Then he
the last moment refused to attend the wedding of his daughter, to lead her to
the altar, citing postponed. Although familiar with his men testify that he was not as bad as he claimed. After the wedding he started giving interviews in
which allowed itself to discuss Prince Harry, his political views, as well as
personal plans daughter and her husband,
he had no right. And then another thought to publicly criticize
Queen… So there is nothing surprising in the fact that Megan is no longer torn
to see his father.

Thomas Markle