Александр Зацепин признался, что устал от жизни The legendary composer came into the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Alexander Zatsepin wrote the iconic song from Soviet movie “the Caucasian captive, or New adventures Shurik”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession”, “diamond hand”… However, for a successful career the master was paid a very high price.
Александр Зацепин признался, что устал от жизни

Alexander Zatsepin is one of the most popular composer in Russia, and abroad he is known. This year, mater will turn 92 years, but he continues to write music, and every morning doing exercises.

Alexander told the in-Studio talk show “the Destiny of man” that he had to endure. The musician lost beloveds, death took Zatsepina son but the musician didn’t give up. He has fully dedicated his life to creativity and work.

Zatsepina first wife was the actress Revmira Sokolov. After the wedding the composer learned that the beloved Bremen from another man, but this did not bother him. She adopted a girl born and adopted. Unfortunately, one child died from disease of the stomach. In 1951 Revmira musician gave birth to son Zhenya. However, the heir in his youth, became ill and soon died.

“He has multiple sclerosis was. When legs were growing gradually, then hands, then man ceases to speak”, – told the composer about his son.

Alexander remembered that the first spouse constantly demanded money from him. The composer spent much time on the robot, but this time Rivera cheated on him. Unable to bear the betrayal, Zatsepin divorced, but continued to help his son.

Second wife of the composer was the pianist Svetlana Tretyakova. Alexander could not without tears to remember those years with her beloved were together for 30 years. In this Union they had a daughter Elena.

“I can’t talk about it, seriously… – says Svetlana composer. – She was watching me. Was my critic. But, of course, the most important critic was and still is my daughter.”
Александр Зацепин признался, что устал от жизни

Svetlana died suddenly. She has bad headache, the woman lost consciousness, and after 40 minutes died. The ambulance called the composer, unable to help. “And what chance was that? This is all: the vessel is burst, hemorrhage immediately”, – said the master. Alexander still can’t accept the loss. According to him, Svetlana was an amazing and kind woman who renounced everything for the sake of his career.

After the death of his beloved wife, the composer left the USSR for France. There he married again – a Frenchwoman Genevieve. “She was charming. But 15 minutes could be kind, gentle, and then became a shrew,” recalled Zatsepin.

In the end the marriage broke up. In 1985, Alexander returned home and met a new love – Svetlana Morozovskaya.

“My grandson went to music school. We asked the pianist to help the boy. It was honest, decent, caring, from her husband left her for another lady. And I fell in love. Felt a kind of vacuum of loneliness, I want someone to share music,” said Zatsepin about the fourth wife.

Alexander lived with a sweetheart of 20 years, but in 2014 the composer was widowed again. Svetlana fell ill with pancreatic cancer and died shortly thereafter.

Zatsepin admitted to the presenter that he was tired to live. A few years ago, the composer got in a terrible accident. In the car of the master flew into another car, doctors diagnosed Alexander Sergeevich multiple fractures, especially severely affected leg. But the musician survived and even continued to exercise.

“Now would be good so it would be easier. But then I thought: “No, I have musical add, and then another one. Charging – always, every morning,” shared Alexander.