Natalia Krasko spoke with her husband about intimacy with another man

Наталья Краско заговорила с супругом об интиме с другим мужчиной The actress became the heroine of the show “actually”. Natalya came on the program to clarify the question of the relationship with the young musician. The man claims that they had an affair. The wife of Ivan Ivanovich commented on this information.
Наталья Краско заговорила с супругом об интиме с другим мужчиной

The Studio program “actually” came Natalia Krasko. The woman decided to check on the lie detector, as appeared by a man named Alexander who claims he’s her boyfriend. They met in one of the cafes of Saint-Petersburg.

The man was so fascinated by Natalie, that you stormed out of the store and bought a bouquet of flowers. Back at the bar, where there was a play in which was involved Natalia, he gave her roses. Krasko was surprised, because she played no role in the formulation. However, she was very nice, and she accepted the gift.

“It was amazing. It was nice, but I then thought that we might be relationship,” the actress confessed.
Наталья Краско заговорила с супругом об интиме с другим мужчиной

Spouse Krasko gave Alexander a phone number. She denies this fact, saying that he wrote the social network “Vkontakte”.

The young man said that he had fallen in love with Natalia and wanted her to move to St. Petersburg to be near a girl. She thinks he has no chance, as a married woman.

“I’m not leaving Ivan Ivanovich”, – said Natalia.

Besides, the actress said that Alexander is not to her taste. According to paint, she loves only the wife. “I came to Peter, she regularly met, spoke,” insists the alleged chosen of the actress.

Наталья Краско заговорила с супругом об интиме с другим мужчиной

During check on a lie detector revealed that Natalia and Alexander was seen more than two times, the actress persistently lied. Most of the answers the young man turned out to be true: he does have an affair with a girl he’s in love with her and believes that feelings of Natalia to the legitimate husband. Even a lie detector actress denied an intimate relationship with a guy.

Another participant was Vyacheslav Smorodinov, who argues that it is through him Alexander received the phone number of Natalia. According to a friend Krasko, at first the guy was planning a joint creative project with the actress, and then began to talk about his love. Thank convinced that Natalia really likes a spouse. The experts recognized his answer honest.

In the final part of the transfer came to the Studio Ivan Krasko. He laughed at Alexander’s assertion that his wife is not true. In the words of a famous actor, with Natalia they are always honest with each other.

“I calmly respond. She is a very intelligent woman. If it is to blame the prudence, that’s what common sense is of great importance in human life,” said Krasko.

The result of the show delighted everyone present in the Studio. The lie detector determined that Natalia really didn’t cheat on his wife.