Александр Шепс тоскует по Мэрилин Керро Psychic ex-lover devotes to poetry, which shares emotions. Fans of one of the most charismatic mystic popular couples of the show still can’t believe that Marilyn Kerro and Alexander Sheps decided to disband.

The stars of “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps & Marilyn Kerro – was considered one of the most prominent couples of the TV project. In July, a red-haired witch from Estonia made a Frank admission about her relationship with another psychic. In the official community women in “Vkontakte” appeared the publication, spreading all the dots over “i”. Marilyn said that he and Alexander are not a couple.

Recently, the microblog of Isaac publications have appeared which, according to his fans, dedicated to Kerro. In their posts star magical show to share the pain of separation from a loved one. A couple of days ago Alexander posted the following lines:

Crumble the fragile rose,
Tearing their stems forever.
There are traces from splinters
And let me remind you that you are a man.

After some time the man expressed his feelings in verse form. Sheps gave to understand that experiencing not the easiest life span. Apparently, the cause of the deterioration of the medium became his parting with Kerro. The photographs that Alexander accompanied by their records, he was captured together with Marilyn. At this time, the psychic turned to the Estonian witch:

You hit where it hurts,
Anyone not showing their insides.
Returning to the disgusting who,
Now forever close the window…
Just remember, oxygen is poisoned,
In the past boomerangs and sorrow,
I naively and foolishly left
I still you very sorry.

Fans of Alexander Sheps want him to stay. Many fans of the popular TV show Express the hope that the psychic will definitely find your love. In addition, they sympathize with the man. “Painful to read”, “Strong people cannot be together – it’s nature”, “Sasha, we are always with you”, “Sad and beautiful”, “Too well.”, “don’t be sad! You will be fine. No relationship is free of fights and resentment… I sincerely wish you to find a middle ground”, “don’t know what happened but I miss you” – discussing social media users.

Earlier in his address to the fans Marilyn Kerro gave to understand that broke up with Alexander Sheps without scandals. “It’s okay. We each have our own life, and I have great respect for Sasha. If I am photographed with him – it proves once again that we are not enemies. All love and kindness!” – wrote a woman. Marilyn Kerro: “I went to the “Battle of psychics” not to win”