Liberi Kadono confessed to an affair with a married man

Либерж Кпадону призналась в связи с женатым мужчиной The former participant of “House-2” told about love experiences. Told the girl that started talking to a young man unfree. However, the relationship ended after a dispute with his wife.

Liberi Kadono often shares with fans of spiritual experiences. So this time she decided not to hide from fans a personal challenge. In Instagram she told about the affair with a married man and the conflict with his lawful wife.

“I wonder if the man concealed that they are married, and you started to communicate with him, but then you start to call his almost ex-wife and begging in hysterics and tears that you disappear from his life how to do,” asked Liberi fans.

Subscribers girls unanimously decided that Kadono should back off and stay out of family drama. “On someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built”, “Better wait a bit, let them understand”, “Liberi, do not try to start a relationship with such a man! Nothing good is not over,” – wrote fans girls.

Liberi admitted that a potential lover is very nicely courted her, and she counted on developing a serious relationship. According to the ex-participant of “Dom-2”, she wasn’t going to destroy the family, because the man already filed for divorce.

“She cheated on him, but now intends to make amends. Don’t know whether to stand back or spit at all, to arrange their own personal lives,” – said Kadono about the dilemma.

Later the girl reported that still listen to friends and fans, so I decided to refuse to communicate with fans. Despite the presence of feelings, Liberg did not continue to intervene in other people’s family relationships.

Despite the bright appearance, Kadono can’t find happiness in his personal life. She repeatedly complained of the loneliness of the fans who are trying in every way to support the idol.

Recall that Liberi was married to Eugene Rudnev, who also participated in the scandalous show “Dom-2”. Relations of star pair was short-lived, and after six months after marriage, the lovers parted.

After leaving the perimeter of Kadono focused on the development of the business. The girl reached a decent career, but simply wants to find happiness and make a strong family.