Александр Олешко «замял» конфликт с Дмитрием Нагиевым The TV presenter told how it really was. Alexander Oleshko told the words of Dmitry Nagiyev, who called it sleek. However, the man did not think to take offense, and because he hastened to reassure fans.

Not so long ago, TV presenter Alexander Oleshko responded to the words of colleagues of Dmitry Nagieva. Apparently, the man hinted at his lack of manhood. The former host of “Exactly-in-exactly” hastened to publish a photo from vacation that proves the opposite. In the picture, he appeared with stubble.

“Quoting Dmitry Nagiyev: “Oleshko so sweet that when you see the cooking programs, sugar in the dough adds! He’s smiling! And its so sleek and smooth, shaves three times a day!” Here is your exclusive not bothering anyone, nothing to discuss about razor don’t remember the rest!” – written by the artist.

After this statement some thought that Alexander was offended by Dmitry. However, Oleshko was quick to reassure fans and explained that not hold a grudge against a colleague.

“Well. rushed. Friends, don’t worry! Dima himself told me this wonderful joke (the truth)! It is now fashionable to do the “official statement”, do: Naghiyev – first-class actor and a true master! Filmed with him twice in the movie. And on TV he’s not like anyone is actually very rare! Guys, let’s live together!” – wrote Oleshko.

Followers glad that between the TV hosts had no misunderstandings. “God grant that the people never fought, not matter. God forbid that people respect each other always,” “You, Alexander, incidentally, have strong charisma and charm”, “Dima stylish, will give odds to young! Sasha erudite, with a sense of humor! In one word, professionals! Success in this field!”, “All right, we have to live together! Dmitri is a good man, and apparently he did not pursue the goal like that to hurt you,” wrote the followers Oleshko.

Not so long ago, Alexander announced that he is leaving the First channel. Now it will run on NTV and a live show with “You’re super! Dancing.” He did not hide from the fans change in career. “Being a freelance artist, took an offer he could not refuse! Wherever and with whoever was, the main task remains to give the viewer the joy, peace of mind and good mood! The viewer knows it from the heart,” wrote the presenter. Discussing the revolution on the First channel