Alexander Domogarov Jr. lost 15 pounds

Александр Домогаров-младший похудел на 15 килограммов
The actor and Director told how struggling with being overweight.

Александр Домогаров-младший похудел на 15 килограммов

Alexander Domogarov Jr.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Alexander Domogarov Jr. decided to go on a diet after
the Christmas holidays. “I’m over the holidays broke all records — shared actor and
the Director — To 100 kg has gained 9, but
quickly dropped, but I still want to lose weight”.

Domogarov Jr. excluded from the diet of fatty, fried and
sweet. “Now eat meat only, stewed, — says Alexander — Steamers we have, so mom
puts my meat in a frying pan on the water. And the vegetables in the salad is seasoned only
not refined vegetable oil, like olive. Love chicken
breast with vegetables. And so a month and a half it took me 15 pounds, but I
I will continue to lose weight. And as soon as I earn money to buy myself a subscription
to the gym”.