Dmitry Nagiyev told about the presence in the passport the stamp about marriage

Дмитрий Нагиев рассказал о наличии у себя в паспорте штампа  о браке

Dmitriy Nagiev is one of the most drill and attractive men domestic entertainment industry. Shaven-headed showman conquered thousands of women’s hearts and continues to do so. In spite of that Dmitry is of interest to many, his heart still skipped a beat not even for a hottie.

Journalists often try to find out details of the personal lives Nagiyev , and even attributed his non-existent novels. Recently, 50-year-old Nagiyev told whether they connected it with somebody romance.

“At 16 I thought I knew about women everything. Now, to his elderly years (when the horse is already dead, and I’m still standing at the fork and not know which way to go), I can say that I don’t know shit and don’t understand. And that’s the phrase that “women’s logic is like the male, only a raccoon”, she’s right. It has a place to exist,” — said Dmitry, even proposing a way to verify the truthfulness of his words: “Maybe you don’t see me on the cover with the family because I’m not married? Simply ask: “Dima, let me see your passport.” And it turns out that my passport is pristine. And from all the rumors down.”