Alexander Domogarov: “I feel pretty!”

Александр Домогаров: «Я себя прекрасно чувствую!»
The actor commented on the rumors about her hospitalization.

Alexander Domogarov

Photo: Mark Steinbock

The network appeared information about the fact that Alexander Domogarov admitted to hospital with a suspected stroke. Fortunately, she
not confirmed. As it became known in the Mossovet Theatre, where the actor is already more than twenty
years, he felt abruptly bad: apparently, the impact of fatigue due to the tight
the schedule and performances. Colleagues immediately called Alexander Yuryevich “fast”,
and after he shot became easier.

“I feel fine, — Alexander told
Y. — Well, think for yourself if I have struck a stroke, or
I went into a coma, talking to you now? Cheerful voice, mood
beautiful, and I absolutely still react to the publications on this subject, that’s all
rumors. The reason for
concern no.

We will remind that Alexander Domogarov played
in more than 40 films and television series, most famous of which is “Gardemariny-3”,
“Turkish March”, “King”, “Star era”, “Maryina Roshcha” and others. Now also
in the production of several paintings with the actor, including “Big”, “PA”,
“The mystery of Russian gems” and others.

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