Александр Буйнов отметил день рождения в компании роскошных женщин The singer invited a few friends in a trendy Metropolitan restaurant. 24 Mar Alexander Buynova 67 years old. The hero of the festivities himself entertained the guests who danced to his hits.

      Александр Буйнов отметил день рождения в компании роскошных женщин

      The famous singer Alexander Buinov celebrated its 67th anniversary with a cheerful celebration in the capital’s restaurant “a short East” on Tverskoy Boulevard.

      Invited to a noisy party exclusively known all over the country people – Hope Babkin, Anita Tsoy, the singer Valeria and her husband producer Iosif Prigozhin, TV presenter Valdis Pelsh with his wife Svetlana, Olga Orlova, Alla Dukhova, IDA Dustman, Olesya Sudzilovskaya.

      Guests of this holiday with great enthusiasm told about it in his microblog. So the fans of Alexander Buynova is an excellent opportunity to assess his ability to organize such a party for friends.

      Александр Буйнов отметил день рождения в компании роскошных женщин

      It is worth noting that the company even though he was uneven, but it is obvious that everyone was comfortable and having a lot of fun in each other’s company. There is no doubt that the secret of the ease with which you created the party, lies in the personality of the birthday boy. Alexander Bujnov – known humorist, and a person with a terrific sense of humor.

      The hero of the occasion itself perfectly entertained invited people on it. The star famously danced under incendiary hits performed by Alexander Buynova artist to your evening virtually never left the stage of the restaurant. Together with the singer Valeria a duet they performed a beautiful song.

      Guests of Alexander Buynova thanked him for a wonderful Friday night, which he gave them in honor of his birthday.

      “Sasha, dear, happy birthday! I have not laughed so long. Thank you for a lovely evening”, signed by the celebrant singer Valeria.

      “Own yourself entertained is so cool!” – signed video depicting how inspiring dancing guests Alexander Buynova Nadezhda Babkina.

      “Sasha, dear and beloved, our friend, once again happy Birthday! Cool danced and walked. And a special thank you Alenka, you have it amazing!” – thanked the honoree singer and model Olesya Roslovac.

      It is worth noting that Allen is the third wife of a famous artist, which he found a real family happiness. Last summer, the couple celebrated pearl wedding, the thirtieth anniversary of joint life. Alexander Buinov: “I Will fight to the last”

      Violent with Alena, even when was in a second marriage. Beautiful, kind and open girl won his heart forever. Now Buinova live in a large hospitable house where guests often gather. Alena was great with my daughter husband from his second marriage Julia and considers her three children, their grandchildren. Alexander Buinov has a reputation as the consummate grandfather. He doted of a grandson and granddaughters Sasha-twins Sophia and Dasha.