Алекс Смерфит зажег с полуголыми танцовщицами The ex-husband of Victoria Boni was seen in questionable company. In the microblog of the businessman has pictures from a party, during which he was surrounded by girls dressed in leather and latex. Judging by the pictures, Alex had a lot of fun.

      Алекс Смерфит зажег с полуголыми танцовщицами

      After parting with the civil wife Victoria Bonneuil Alex smerfit no longer hide from users of social networking your wildest entertainment. Over the weekend the man had been at a party in Paris. The businessman visited the Grand event, which took place on one of the yachts who went sailing on the Seine after midnight.

      According to the dress code, all the guests had to dress in the style of the movie “50 shades of grey” and “50 shades darker”. Films that have won international fame, introduced the fashion for masks that cover the face and clothes of leather and latex. Besides, as accessories many fans of noisy parties seized the chain and other provocative attributes.

      Alex smerfit covered his face with mask, dressed in a tuxedo and went to ignite with friends. The businessman shared a brave the back of the car. You can see that the whole company dressed in the style of the characters of the erotic film.

      Later in the microblog ex-elect Bonnie appeared videos from the party. Smurfit and his friends had fun in the company of half-naked dancers, whose bodies were clad only in lace combinations. Girls did not hesitate taking place and cuddle with men, demonstrating a passion. Members Alex, who saw the pictures and videos in Instagram, was amazed by the behavior of men. “Lives and having fun show”, “what a world”, “the Guy went on hands”, – wrote the user’s social network.

      Earlier Smurfit has already been seen in the company of young girls. Shortly before the breakup with Victoria in the network appeared the information that Alex had lit several times at parties in the company’s 25-year-old model Ekaterina Aleshkina. However, the man himself has not confirmed this information. According to the businessman, he still loves the former civil wife, and tries not to ruin their relationship for my daughter.

      “I think we’re both overly exaggerated in response to the rumors, this is only due to the fact that we still care about each other. Our love is unconditional, but sometimes anger lead to misunderstanding. That is why we now live separately. We’re just people who respect our privacy and do not expect comments from us. We wish each other only happiness,” said Alex in one of the comments.