Alex congratulations on your pregnancy

Алексу поздравляют с беременностью The graduate of “factory of stars” was intrigued by the unexpected publication. Singer Alex apologized to fans for what has ceased to share with them the events of life. She told me that soon it will be your change.

Fans of the graduate of the fourth season of the popular project “star Factory” was alarmed that for some time Alex disappeared from social networks. The singer was quick to reassure fans and apologized for the lack of news. However, she admitted that soon will share with the followers is very important information, and prefers to keep it a secret.

“My dear, I’m sorry that you stopped to post photos and stories, not out in the ethers, it was a good reason, and which, in a short time will tell you,” was intrigued by the publication of an artist.

Subscribers reacted to the statement of the idol and began to speculate about what secret hides Alex. Some believe that the 29-year-old singer for the first time will soon become a mother. “I guess Alex is pregnant or is getting married”, “Married”, “Congratulations! I wish family happiness and love, you are so cute”, “Pregnant, God forbid!”.

However, some took the words of Alex as a sign that the actress is preparing to return to the big stage and soon will present a new song. They look forward to when the singer will reveal all the cards.

I must say that the fans not for the first time a celebrity is suspected in pregnancy, and exactly a year ago, the graduate music project has published in Instagram photo with a baby. She didn’t know whose kid depicted in the picture.

Alex is now happily in a relationship with lover Arthur. The singer believes she has changed for the better after he met the young man. Despite the fact that the lovers are together for a couple of years, they are in no hurry to get married. Alex: “it’s hard for Me to remember the period of “American idol”

“Arthur does not like this phrase, but I said, “All the time”. I won’t plan, because I don’t want to repeat the fate of the people of our acquaintances, who hastened ahead of time. While enjoying the status of “without a stamp in the passport,” admitted the girl “StarHit”.