Алеся Кафельникова зарабатывает по 200 тысяч за съемку

However, the girl enough of the money except pocket money.

It seems that 17-year-old Ales will soon overtake the popularity of his famous father, tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov. The girl for the second year successfully works as a model and participate in fashion shows. As for the personal lives of beauty daily watch almost 300 thousand people subscribed to her page in Instagram.

And it seems fame began to bear fruit. The social network ASKfm blog in which people answer questions subscribers. — Approx. Woman’s Day the girl admitted that gets for photography 200 thousand rubles! And although the girl from social network is already retired, the most dedicated fans collect all of her quotes.

“Shooting more expensive display?” – interested subscribers.

What Ales replied knowingly: “of Course, more expensive. On the show you go out and walk 30 seconds. And shooting to work without interruption 4-8 hours”.

Did not hide the young star and their fees – its day is not less than 200 thousand rubles, most of which she spends on her favorite horse, a gift on her birthday, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

After reading this, the subscribers, of course, asked the question: how, then, should earn the guy she give her heart?.. But then again Alesya surprised readers, saying that “her love is not for sale” and how much money is in his account, does not matter.

We will remind, this year after a lengthy novel, the girl broke up with the son of the famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov Nikita. After that the young model was seen even with a few guys, including athletes, but not one of them, the girl relations are not commented.

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