Ales Kafelnikov ate potatoes for dad

Алеся Кафельникова наелась картошки ради папы Model does everything that the parent is not worried about her thinness. Ales Kafelnikov admitted that for three years didn’t take in your mouth mashed potatoes.

      Алеся Кафельникова наелась картошки ради папы

      A rising Internet star, 17-year-old model and daughter of one of the richest and most famous players in the world Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales that have extremely fragile forms, decided to appease his father and prove to him that excessive thinness does not threaten her.

      Ales made in your diet is unheard of by the standards of the girls from the catwalks adjustments. The day before Belle had supper of mashed potatoes, as proof of laying out photos of a very bold for her meals on his page in Instagram. “Even ate mashed potatoes for dad. P. S last time I had mashed potatoes 3 years ago,” commented snapshot of Ales Kafelnikov.

      Ate is, of course, loudly. On the plate, which showed the model in microblog, is very modest scoop of mashed potatoes, about the size of a spoon. So the statement Alessi that she went a little overboard, a lot amused her subscribers. “It’s a challenge!”, “You ate potatoes!”, – laughing alone. Others believe that there is a need for their own health. “Very rarely wish or parents advise their children bad, so I think your dad’s right, and spoon potatoes not for the Pope, for health, delicious experience. Bon appetit!”. Still others suggested that because of restrictions in the food that exist Alessi because she is a model, her stomach has long been small, and she may well be satisfied with a small portion of food.

      By the way, fans of the Alessi Kafelnikov watching her life in Instagram, more than once left her comments about her, they believe, unhealthy thinness. The girl even began to suspect that she is anorexic. Of course, these conversations reach parents rising star of world podiums. And Ales to calm them down, and sometimes eating wrong from the point of view of maintaining the model parameters of the food.

      She Kafelnikov believes that her 48 kg weight are not critical, it is quite normal for girls of her profession. In addition, Ales claims that no signs of the disease it is not observed. “I eat right, not diet, my diet is balanced, she said in an interview. In our family we take a responsible attitude to health. My dad is an athlete, and every year we all together pass examination. All right.”

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