Алена Кравец приняла в подарок от ухажера особняк на Рублевке The singer told “StarHit” that the man gave her a generous gift. Alena Kravets while wondering whether her child to move to a new home. Christmas ex-husband Ruslan finally returned her daughter.

      For two and a half months of the singer Alena Kravets has not seen his only daughter Danielle. In November, the former husband of the artist Ruslan took the girl ahead of time from school and after that did not allow the mother to communicate with the child. Her attempts to meet my successor fails, the guards were not allowed even to approach the mother to her child. However, at Christmas ex-husband Krawiec still had compassion before Alena and brought the girl home. Alena Kravets: “For the daughter I will fight to the last!”

      “I first texted me, I would bring Danielle. It happened on New year’s day. I, of course, cancel your vacation – had to fly. And now for Christmas my daughter was at home! The tears rushed into my arms. I don’t know what softened the heart of my ex-husband might love for his daughter. We even managed to communicate properly and agree on what it will take to himself to Danielle, but first notify me,” said Kravets “StarHit”.

      Alena with her daughter continue to live in her mansion, but not so long ago, a fan gave a generous gift – a new house on the ruble. She took a luxurious gift, however, while considering whether she should move there with the child. We will remind, the conflict between Kravets and her ex-husband was the fact that the ex-spouse did not want to see the plants their common daughter, the strange men.

      “If he’s going to be against the fact that we Danielle and I moved into a new house, of course, we are not going to relocate. For me the priority is the daughter. We didn’t talk to him, he doesn’t know that gave me a mansion” – said Alena.

      The singer announced that during the week she could not believe his luck that an only child was again beside her, and all the time devoted only daughter.

      “I completely dissolved Danielle – admitted Allen. – Ruslan during this time did not come, just called and asked if everything was okay. I think now he feels a sense of guilt. My daughter told me that because of this whole situation, dad was very worried. She even seems that my ex-husband wants to, we were again one family.”