Ksenia Sobchak has caused controversy Frank the swimsuit

Ксения Собчак вызвала споры откровенным снимком в купальнике The presenter keeps on telling fans how to spend time on maternity leave. This time the celebrity along with her husband went to the bath, after which gave a little photo shoot in the pool. Husband stars managed to capture the woman in a swimsuit. Followers reacted to the.

      Ksenia Sobchak admits that her pleasing changes to the figure after childbirth. She consciously underlines markedly increased bust. Subscribers could not pay attention to this, so always looking forward to new photos of a celebrity. And now the TV presenter has posted on the page in “Instagram” frame, which became a subject of discussion. Posing in the pool, a young mother pretends that relieves themselves on the phone. However, she appeared before the users of the Network in a revealing swimsuit and wrapped a towel on his head.

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      The star reported that he had spent the day in the bath, after which staged water treatment. Fans noted figure Sobchak, writing that she looks amazing. According to followers, she diligently keeps himself in shape and, apparently, does not wish to lose its appeal. Someone I am sure that after the birth of first child celebrity has changed, her features became more expressive, and she just radiates happiness.

      “What you done! Looking good! So funny, but okay!” “Doing the right thing by go to the bath, very useful”, “In awe of how well you hold in the first months of birth” – enthusiastically wrote the subscribers.

      By the way, not all Network users have been configured friendly. Critics expressed the opinion that nursing mothers are not recommended to visit a bath. For this reason, some thought it strange that a woman so spent the weekend. They believe that Ksenia is not feeds the baby’s chest. However, fans of the presenter stood up for her, noting that they themselves had visited the sauna in the first months after the birth of children. “Everything from the forest. I swam and sauna went when fed. I have the feeling that some of the comments written by salubrity restricted mothers,” said one of podeschi Sobchak.

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      Many commentators did not like that in an attempt to catch Ksenia part of followers began to discuss her manicure, skin condition, and even a mobile phone used by a celebrity. Users of the Network remain unclear attacks some women believe that Sobchak can not cope with the role of the mother and leaves the baby in the care of grandmothers and other relatives.

      “This is the discussion of her as a mother. How is it possible? Her life, though public, is not your business. She, first and foremost, people. And some mania in all seriousness think that Sobchak would listen to her opinion?”, “Well done! Looks good! If mommy, do not have to look like everyone else. If a person can afford it all happen! Why not? And even if she is breastfeeding,so what? She is not getting worse as a mother!” – came to the defense of Sobchak, some subscribers will.

      Subscribers are convinced that Ksenia Sobchak displeases the Internet audience for the sole reason that manages to engage and upbringing of the child, and to visit various events in the company of family and friends, and even find time for recovery. All this, according to commentators, can not be annoying. Apparently, the TV presenter, the attacks of the enemies care the least, so she continues to delight fans with new photos.