Алена Кравец предложила работу Дане Борисовой The singer publicly addressed the presenter after the scandal. Alena Kravets admitted that he followed the history of This Borisova and could not remain indifferent to it. According to the socialite, that inspired her to create a charity project.
Алена Кравец предложила работу Дане Борисовой

Alena Kravets accepted the apology Dana Borisova, suspecting it in dealing with men for money. Recently the TV presenter has published a post in social networks in which he expressed regret over the current situation. Dana recognized that slandered Alain, and apologized to socialite and her family.

Dana Borisova apologized to Alena Kravets

After some time, Kravetz said Borisova. The singer has announced that he forgave leading, and are not offended by it. According to Alena, it is necessary to deal with slander and a reputation to uphold. The young woman had spared no effort to prove their own innocence.

“For his honor and dignity have to fight to gain recognition of his innocence and not allow it to tarnish his reputation. Dana, I’m glad you found the strength to admit his guilt in libel and bring me a public apology – said the singer. – You are finally able to act as a socially responsible person. As a believer, and generous people I wish you a speedy and successful adaptation and final recovery.”

Alena Kravets gave to understand that followed the rehabilitation of Dana Borisova. Socialite and was so inspired by the story of colleagues in show business, she decided to create a charity project. Alena also expressed his hope that Dana would support her initiative and she will take part in it.

“I came to the decision to create under the auspices of the charity Fund to help people suffering from drug and other addictions, if you give consent, the name Dana Borisova, – said Kravetz. – I hope you will take part in its activities. As soon as I and my associates will register, be sure to inform all contacts for addresses and details to make donations. If, God forbid, your family or your loved ones will happen a misfortune, you will be able to address in our future Fund for support.”

Earlier blonde was found in the program Andrei Malakhov. This episode was very emotional, it was also attended Masha Malinovskaya. Some time ago Dana Borisova suspected her of severe dependence. However, the Director denies such information. She tried to reconcile Kravets and Borisov. At the end of the show Dana agreed Alena public apology in social networks.

“I wanted to be better, if I offended someone, sorry. Okay, I’ll write apologies to Aretha,” – said the leader.