Vladimir Pozner blames himself for the care from his wife

Владимир Познер винит себя за уход от жены Journalist openly spoke about his personal life. For a long time Vladimir Posner is married to producer Nadezhda Solovyova. For her sake he left previous wife, Ekaterina Orlova, with whom he lived for several decades.
Владимир Познер винит себя за уход от жены

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about the path to success, the work on the First channel and the relationship with the spouse Hope Solovieva. With his current wife, who is the founder of the company and concert producer, journalist, together since 2008.

According to Posner, close calmly reacted to his decision to create a new family. However, the presenter feels a sense of guilt towards his second wife Ekaterina Orlova. She passed away in 2015. Vladimir Vladimirovich has lived with her for several decades.

“My children, in this sense, very understanding people. Children – well, they were adults, it was easier with children. Myself it was very hard, I assure you, – said the presenter. Care from his wife after 37 years, lived together, knowing that she was not a young man, and the feeling of guilt that I left… and now It is, but not as sharp as before.”

After Posner broke up with Orlova, they for some time kept in touch and maintained good relations. But this period did not last long. “Then she obviously didn’t want to see me. Well, more I saw. All happened as it happened”, – the journalist says.

In recognition of Vladimir Putin, he fell in love with the current wife Nadezhda Solovyov at first sight.

“It’s very strange – I remember very well that she felt when she first saw. And at the same time I thought: “are You crazy? After 37 years of marriage.” The contradiction of thoughts and feelings,” recalls the emcee.

Posner said he did not believe in fate. Leading prefers to rely on luck and luck. He believes that if you are patient, you can wait for the desired. “And maybe it played a role. Also the fact that I’m in the geriatric age still wanted to be in love, – so Vladimir Putin commented on his third marriage. And at age 70 still felt quite a man, and the woman I loved… and now They like me, although I’m 83”.

In addition, Vladimir Pozner spoke about the possible closure of its author’s program on the First channel. According to the presenter, the producers can abandon his project. If that happens (while this did not come out of the question), the journalist had no clear plan of action. Posner doesn’t think that will work on a different channel. At the same time, Vladimir Putin does not exclude that will go to Paris, where he has an apartment, reports the magazine “Hello!”.