Алек Болдуин станет отцом в шестой раз!
The actor is rapidly catching up with Hollywood fathers-the Champions.

Alec Baldwin with his wife Hilaria

Photo: Instagram.com

Hilaria Baldwin admitted that she decided on the fifth
child! And when you consider that her Superga Alec has another daughter from his first marriage, it
saddles his “six-time father.”

Recently Hilaria, which already has four
children, said he wanted to fill up the family. At the same time, she explained,
what inspired this “heroic” decision. “The fact that I
gave birth to first a daughter and then three boys in a row. And now my daughter begs me Carmen
to give her sister. Of course, she already has a sister in Ireland (from the marriage of Baldwin and Kim Basinger). They have a great relationship. But Ireland for 22 years, and my Carmen so
dreams of a younger sister…” said Mrs. Baldwin. “I think it’s
to carry out this intention is quite real.
And Alec thinks so too, because he is from a big family…” — said Hilary.

We will remind, in addition to 5-year-old Carmen, Baldwin, who grew up with three brothers, and his wife have three more children. Rafael for 3 years, Leonardo soon
the first two, and baby Romeo is only 3 months. When Hilaria was pregnant
his youngest decided to tell their children that they will appear soon
brother, Carmen was terribly disappointed. “Mommy, can we make
now you still a girl? And after that it is possible to appear
boy…” — recalls with a smile the wife of Alec.

Incidentally, when Hilaria have carried out his intention,
Alec will catch up with the “six-time fathers” of brad pitt, Jude law and De Niro, and closer
the Champions Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson, who had for his life to get
eight children!