Алену Водонаеву обвинили в продажности из-за рекламы шуб

The first time the social network Instagram only began its work, it was a great place, where everyone microblog could share with others your captured moments of life. Now, after a few years, Instagram has become a platform where very easy to earn by posting on the page posts of an advertising nature. This way of earning “sin”, many domestic and foreign stars. Was no exception and Alena Vodonaeva.

The former star of “House-2” is a frequent author on the page advertising of cosmetics, beauty salons and clothing stores. One of these posts brought subscribers the presenter of themselves.

The reason for this was advertising of fur products.

Alena posted a photo on which she is shown surrounded by fur coats. One of them Vodonaeva example, the second holds in his hands and asked his followers, in which her fur to make a choice.

Subscribers were shocked by the fact that the star is “selling” for a penny, although I vigorously defended the life of our smaller brothers: “do Not remember Alena no coats, it was always a “type” against the killing of animals, but for advertising a fur coat I decided to change my mind,” “the Poor animals. Only in Russia still wear the skins of dead animals” “Animals are not sorry???”, “As people are not disgusting to wear dead on,” “animals Should be protected and not to put them on!!! Hands to tear off to those who kills animals!”, “Hide from animals skinned alive and left to die… Pleasant to wear!”.

On the angry comments of its subscribers Vodonaeva did not answer.