Elina Kamiren sues Alexander Zadoinov

Элина Камирен подает в суд на Александра Задойнова The former participant “Houses-2” is going to get alimony. After parting with Zagajnovym Elina Kamiren one brings their total daughter Sasha. According to her, the ex-spouse does not render them any material support.

      The former participant of the project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren could find love on a reality show lover blonde beauty was Alexander Zadoinov. The lovers born common daughter Sasha, however, marital bliss the pair could not be saved. Between Elina and Alexander began to flare up scandals, but because they decided to leave. Now Kamiren a single mother of their common daughter, and Zadoinov, she said, does not provide any material support. Elina Kamiren showed the rented apartment where he lives with his daughter

      The star of “House-2” told “StarHit” I’m tired to hope for the generosity of his ex-partner. That is why she decided to apply to court to legally obtain child support for the upbringing of the child.

      “My patience came to an end,” admitted to “StarHit” Elina. – I don’t get Sasha the penny. Had endured it, because he knew that he had nowhere to take the money. But the first of October expiry of his probation period on the project and it becomes a full participant “House-2″. This means that Sasha will receive a salary – 150 thousand rubles. Alimony – 25% of this amount will be for me, is not superfluous.”

      One of the reasons for the breakup with her lover Kamiren was that Zadoinov could not provide her daughter the life she dreamed of. Elina was criticized their choice in the fact that he earns enough money. In ether one of the TV program the former participant of “House-2” admitted that she was tired of Alexander’s unwillingness to work for the benefit of native people.

      “I have a lot of expenses for the nanny to pay, rent to pay, food to buy… the money that I earn, are sorely lacking, so I had to file for child support. Sasha does not want on-good – days on the project he disowned me as soon as I was hacked, and leaked intimate video,” he complained Kamiren.

      Elina was very pleased when Alexander suggested again become a participant in a reality show. She supported his intention to return to the project, because they believed that there he could earn and help polutorogodovalogo daughter. Now little Sasha began to go to kinder garden, where enjoys spending time together with other children.