Alain Vodonaeva: “I am a strict mother!”

Алена Водонаева: «Я строгая мама!»
The presenter told us about what the orders are installed in her home.

Alena Vodonaeva with his son Bogdan

Photo: @alenavodonaeva (Instagram Alena Vodonaevoy)

On Alena Vodonaevoy lies difficult mission, one that his son would be a real man. TV presenter admitted that her heir Bogdan is growing in severity. In her view, only by limiting the child to achieve the formation of his strong character and sense of responsibility. Alena knows from experience than can end the tantrums, whining and the relaxed way of life, which is why it tries to download Bogdan useful things.

“My son isn’t cranky in stores, gifts are given to him exclusively for the holidays and a couple of times in a year (yesterday was such a day, chose LEGO), he is courteous in dealing with strangers and is very much involved in (English garden, daily studies, artistic gymnastics). Yes, a bully, but not simple character. Born in the year of the Tiger under the sign of Leo (23 August 2010). Stubborn, cunning, with a very good sense of humor,” — said Vodonaeva.

The TV star says that in their spare time, Bogdan does not hang up the phone and the tablet and enjoys reading books, sculpts, draws, collects the designer. “Despite the fact that I’m strict, every day I repeat my son how much they love him, praise for achievements, talents and creative expressions. We hug a lot. And I always try to put him to bed myself (not a Bimbo, of course, but just to make your day he finished with me, not with a nanny). And Yes, we keep the mode of the day since birth!” —he finished his story, Alena.

Recall that Bogdan was born in the first marriage Vodonaevoy Aleksey Malakaeva. Father quite often to see my son. By the way, on the days Alena spoke about the current relationship with the once beloved husband. “Everyone has their own personal life! And we are friends, like brother and sister. For a while, until we divorced, I have completely changed the idea of the men — said Alena. — I clearly know how it should be. And it’s not Leshkin set of qualities!”