Alain Vodonaeva decided on a dangerous procedure for the sake of getting rid of wrinkles

Алена Водонаева решилась на опасную процедуру ради избавления от морщин
The star made an unusual massage of the face and neck.

Photo: Instagram

Alena Vodonaeva has always actively shares with his fans beauty lifehacks and secrets of her youth and beauty. 35-year-old TV presenter always looks great and does not hide that for the sake of appearance are ready for more. The beauty industry today is more ready to offer even the most discerning client, so Alain is actively experimenting. About plastic surgery Vodonaeva is thinking only theoretically, but treatments in the Spa-salons, even the most unusual loves.

So, during his journey in Sochi Vodonaeva almost spent the whole day in the bath. The star partied with her husband and son, and also visited the office of a cosmetologist. The southern capital of Russia is famous for its unusual and sometimes outdated approaches to beauty. For example, if a power shower or leech therapy is unlikely someone could surprise in the countries of the former Soviet Union, then a massage with snails heard a few. This unusual procedure is made by special Achatina snails (they are found in Africa). First, the skin of the face and neck need to steam — bath in a natural way or with a special warming mask. Then wipe the skin with milk, a favorite food of snails, and put the clam (s) on the face. The purpose of the procedure is that the snail, thus making the massage, and secretes mucus, which is very useful for the female body. This procedure again with the magic in the fight against wrinkles and aging — improves skin tone and skin irregularities disappear, the face lifts.

The danger is that — and precisely for this reason it is not recommended to do by the doctors is that not every salon will use snails one time. It is proved that shellfish can be vectors of dangerous bacteria, including the “collected” from a previous client. These bacteria cannot be “washed” with snails, and the only way you can process them, it is to wash under running water.

Meanwhile, under the photo of Alena with snails between its podeschi sparked the present dispute. Girls vehemently argued their position: someone spoken for rejuvenation in a similar way, and someone against. Vodonaeva has not commented on the choice of this procedure and about the effect, too, is not said, but a rest in Sochi, the star is happy. However, next time she is going to relax in Tokyo.

“We already bought the tickets!” — boasted Allen.