Алена Водонаева и Вера Брежнева игнорируют друг друга
Famous TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva actively engaged in his microblog in Instagram.

Алена Водонаева и Вера Брежнева игнорируют друг друга

A recent post by Alena on perpetrators of domestic show-business has seriously hurt the singer Vera Brezhneva that was blocked by Alain on Instagram.

“We live in a country of double standards. In a very contradictory society. In which the girl, who in twenty years has participated in the reality show and met up with the boys in sympathy, will be respected less than a girl, a lion in twenty years in the women’s team, (…) sleeping with a married producer (singer, Director, businessman, man, in General!) or more trenchant – took him from his family! Yesterday talked a lot on these topics with Cemal. The hypocrisy and prostitution, diligence and honesty to oneself and to others,” wrote a month ago Alena.

Алена Водонаева и Вера Брежнева игнорируют друг друга

Now Vodonaeva spoke about the conflict with Vera Brezhneva, she admitted that her words were misquoted in many publications.

“I think where I Vera Brezhneva ribbon go away. For many years it signed. Liked the art, liked to look at beautiful photos. Gaining her account – I in the block. Hmm… Puzzled, I called my Director with the question – maybe I do not know? And it turns out that various (…) sites and the public have taken away my post about the singers and the girls from show business, I’ve pulled out of context, made up articles and filed as “direct speech” Vodonaevoy about Brezhnev,” – said Vodonaeva.

Let’s see what the outcome of the next conflict in our show business.

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