Pelageya selectively refers to people

Пелагея избирательно относится к людям
Yesterday, July 14, the birthday celebrated famous singer Pelageya.

Пелагея избирательно относится к людям

She was 31 years old. At the moment the girl decided its time to dedicate the family and a little daughter only six months.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code of the singer and predicted its future.

“The star refers to the type of women who do not face alone. In its life the program of two sevens, which makes it a darling of fortune. But the presence of a celebrity of remarkable intelligence and analytical skills made a star capricious in the choice of friends and life partner. Singer interesting not for every person, it is hard to get along with. In addition, the program is missing two, which characterizes it as tyrannous, not ready to make concessions, are prone to depression and often an end in itself,” says the numerologist.

Congratulations pelage happy birthday!

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